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$65 PRIVATE 1hr MELT Method® Hand and Foot Training (1-2 participants)
Don’t prefer the group experience? Or perhaps you’re just too busy to fit one of the group classes into your schedule? No worries, Jen will come to you at your location for a private session. MELT can also be combined with yoga/meditation/pilates for these classes.

$25 /per person - MINI Intro to MELT Method® (minimum of 4 participants)
45 min Intro to MELT Mini Hand and Foot Treatment: This is your basic introduction to the MELT Method®. Learn What the MELT Method® is, Why it works, and How to perform a simple and effective soft ball treatment. This price includes a "MELT map" so you can continue your practice at home and be on your way to getting out of chronic pain.

$40 /per person - FULL Intro to MELT Method® (minimum of 4 participants)
1 hr Intro to MELT Full Hand and Foot treatment: Review the basic techniques learned in the mini MELT hand and foot treatment, and answer any questions you may have. We will also expand our MELT practice to include the small and large firm balls, to generate an even greater effect on the body. NOTE: Participants must have previously attended a 45min. Mini Intro session.

$99 /per person - 4 WEEK INTRO to FULL MELT Method® (minimum of 4 participants)
Deepen your MELT hand and foot training: In this class we will review the basics and enhance our practice with the addition of two more balls, and several more techniques. We will also be learning more "MELT maps", so that you can personalize your MELT experience according to your needs. We will even learn techniques to help manage carpel tunnel syndrome and bunions! This class allows time to learn these techniques in stages, thus resulting in better retention of the method.

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What is The MELT Method®?

The MELT Method® Wellness Training Classes in Rochester, NY
The MELT Method® is based on the technique of rolling small soft and hard balls along the feet and hands to improve your health. There are no contraindictions for this class.

MELT Demonstrations

MELT Creator, Sue Hitzmann
See MELT creator Sue Hitzmann featured on Dr. Oz demonstrating how to MELT. Sue Hitzmann's book: The MELT Method is a NY Times Best-seller.

MELT Instructor, Jen Grow
Jen Grow is the first instructor in Rochester, NY to be trained in the MELT Method® hand and foot treatment. See MELT instructor, Jen Grow demonstrating MELT with yoga teacher Marla Pelletier, Owner of Inward Office Yoga, formerly known as Devi Yoga. Watch Jen's personal interview on how the MELT Method® has helped her.


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